BlackBerry Will Rise Again


BlackBerry has announced that it agreed to acquire Good Technology, a mobile security company for $425 million

Good Technology will be the perfect addition to BlackBerry’s Enterprise Server product. It is a tool for managing corporate devices like BlackBerry handsets, Android and iOS gadget and encrypting email and messages. BlackBerry started supporting Android and iOS back in 2011 after acquiring ubitexx, a device management company. However, even today it still provides more security features of its own devices than for third party platforms. Now, with Good Technology, BlackBerry will be able to change that.

This acquisition shows a shift back towards BlackBerry’s core value – to secure mobile communications for large organizations. BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BES has been the main reason to stick with the company’s devices over iPhones or Android devices. This acquisition proves that even if BlackBerry never gets back into the smart phone market, they will still be able to help customers by keeping their data secure.

Now, a little history on BlackBerry. Before the launch of the iPhone, BlackBerry was kind of corporate smartphones and starting to reach out into the consumer market. As Android and iOD find their way into large organizations with corporate purchases or “bring your own device” programs that let employees use their personal phones for work, BlackBerry has struggled. Third-party software vendors started building applications for iOS and Android, abandoning BlackBerry’s app store.

By the time that BlackBerry began to offer BlackBerry Messenger in 2013, it was basically ignored. The only thing that BlackBerry could do to rally up their loyal customers again was to launch their BlackBerry Classic to relive the glory days. Statistics show that it did not actually bring any salvation to its declining market share. They have already cut costs through layoffs and outsources the manufacturing of headsets. So, the acquisition of Good Technology might be BlackBerry’s last hope.

Good Technology has a bit of a complicated history. It was originally founded in 2000 as SpringThings. It was acquired six years later by Motorola – then three years later, in 2009, sold to Visto, an email provider and was renamed Good Technology. Good Technology’s relationship with BlackBerry hasn’t been all sunshine and flowers either. In 2004, Good Technology settled a patent lawsuit with BlackBerry Limited by agreeing to license technology from it.

If BlackBerry handles the transition well, they can probably bring corporate customers in, even if they are user other company devices. Congratulations to BlackBerry and good luck!


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