Want to Enter the Indian Market? Create an App

To me, mobile apps are the best and easiest platforms to create and particularly for a country like India where mobile phones are everywhere with a huge customer base – why wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity? Let me explain some of my reasons first. I have narrowed it down to 5 simple ways that mobile apps are the way to enter the Indian market and be successful.


Minimal Cost of Infrastructure

By adopting an app only strategies and making your customers trust in their experience, you have the advantage of getting rid of managing multiple digital properties. You can cut the cost of maintaining, upgrading and optimizing website and mobile channels.

Individual Experience

Interacting with an app is much more personalized with features such as saved preferences and customer’s preferences. You can even get updates according to your best interests. These design thinking apps that add to the user experience are the real game changers.

Learn Your Customers

Indian customers are known for not being very loyal and extremely price sensitive. Thus, with a large competition pool, it is very important to be the first choice of the customers. By using an app only strategy, you can reduce the options to click for customers and you become a choice rather than an option.

Fill the Holes

There is a huge customer base that is accessing your app from offices, homes and restricted network areas. By having the faster, more simple and mobile solution, you help your customers complete the purchase journey whenimagesever they want, from wherever they want. Netflix is understands and is making their move on India, too.

Easy Payment

Building off of making purchases on the go, the actual payment process is such an advancement. By storing credit card information, apps are a major facilitator for smart purchasing. The ‘Buy Now’ button is now imperative for any app.

I did write this thinking about the Indian market, but it should not be limited to just one country. The entire continent of Africa is dotted with areas that are exploding in business. With this, phones and service are becoming more available for everyone. With this, these same five principles can serve for this entire customer base as well. Apps are fast and simple, all you need is the right idea and an understanding of your customers to be able to affectively market and advertise.


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