Productivity Tips for Professionals


In today’s age we are more connected than ever, which means that we are communicating more, which means that we are doing more. Time is our greatest resource, but also the one that we lack the most. The solution is to become more productive in the time that we do have. Here are some things that I try to do to perform my best throughout the day.

Breathe In & Out

Comfort is key – that is why you have to make sure that you feel good and relaxed before beginning any new task and even during it. Spend 30 seconds on medicating or even just drinking a cup of water. Think about it as giving you more “space of RAM” to be concentrated again.

Write It Down

Write every single one of your tasks down on colored paper with different tones. Organize them by priority and set deadlines. Not only will this help you stay on track with what is most important, but you will be able to quantify your jobs and really see what your day will look like. The colors also help to relax your brain and give you fresh energy.

Utilize Your Driving Time

Prepare for your day even before you are in the office. Think about what is already planned and get an idea of when you want to work on certain tasks. If you take a train to work, then you can even actively change meeting times to ease up your schedule so that you enter your office with a peace of mind.

Seek Help

You don’t always have to finish every task by yourself. Find colleagues or friends that can help prepare the essential information and material for you by the time you turn back to the job.

Call People

Most of us are impatient, including myself. Rather than waiting for someone to read your email and reply with the possibility of miscommunication errors, just pick up the phone. This way, you get more direct and correct information and gives you the opportunity to ask more questions that you probably wouldn’t write in an email, afraid that they would go unanswered if there are too many.

These are simple things that you can easily integrate into your work habits that will make your productivity increase and overall, make you much less stressed and more ready when you arrive for work. What other ways do you improve your productivity?


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