Marketing in 2016

There are rumors that another Google Algorithm update will occur before the end of the year. This kind o
f update always creates tension for the online marketing community.
They want to know what type of changes to expect so that they can understand how their site will be impacted. These updates have to be taken seriously because they can cause a lot of trouble like broken links caused by being part of an unauthorized link building program, maybe lack of updating and too much reliance on a domain’s name.

Each time that this happens, it is important to focus on linking your company brand name with its location and services you perform. Make sure that all five of these things appear.

  1. Company name and location- continued focus on brand name recognition
  2. Location – locally, regionally and nationally
  3. Product(s) / Service(s) descriptiondownload (4)
  4. Name(s) of company representative, stressing client service
  5. Value Content – blog, content marketing, reports
  6. Marketing Channel – where to invest time in delivering the company message

This list should look very familiar to you. Yes, we work on building our reputation through SEO and content marketing, but there is another side. The part that I feel the need to stress on is mobile.

Mobile Apps

Many companies think that apps are a long-term strategy, but for now we are still in the erly stages. This audience will definitely grow, but we are still missing almost three-quarters of the population – it is just too early in the game.

Strong Brand Recognition

It is now more important than ever to link all six of the above listed items together. If you leave one thing out, your audience will now see the overall value. More emphasis needs to be made to connect all of these things together. That means that you may need to provide more information to emphasize points like price and personnel.

Valuable Content

The definition of content has drastically changed. It is more than just knowledge information. Now, content requires more information such as specific reports and video presentations. It is critical for companies to look at the content production process from a news media standpoint to product higher quality content and delivery.

The Right Mix of Channels

Where are people going for their information? There is a huge disruption right now with Internet and technology. Now, companies need to find the right channels within the two to make them succeed.


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