What Will We See in 2016?

Despite events like ISIS and Donald Trump running for President of the United States, there are some things that should give us greater hope for 2016.



Corporations can’t seem to keep up with modern technologies and progressive thinking. Hierarchies based on egos rather than leadership and skill are putting extra weight on the employees that get over 100 emails a day, face a long commute and then are surrounded in a negative environment and overworked from lack of support from management.

If they aren’t laid off, they are quitting to give up on the corporate lifestyle. Individuals are looking inside themselves and building up their self-esteem to make it on their own. This self-empowerment is replacing corporate dependency. Sure, some will return to the trenches, but others will not give up until they succeed.


Start-up communities are popping up everyone. People are realizing that there is power in cooperation – sharing and joint venturing. Like-minded business owners are putting their resources together to buy supplies, give each other mutual support and apply for large contracts. Entrepreneurship is no longer a lonely journey. You can see people across industries combining forces to threaten established corporations. Where is this mostly happening? Online.


As we watch the baby boomers encounter health problems, we are more determined to buy the fitness gear and hit the gym. People are especially taking to exercise their mental health by seeking peace and reducing stress. Yoga, meditation and spirituality are for more than just hippies now. Having a balance between work and personal life is more important now. People no longer want to prove themselves by excessive work; they want to prove themselves by stability.


If a company isn’t giving to those in need or helping to save the planet, their customers are leaving. Thanks to the Internet, consumers are more aware of corporation’s practices including how they make their products and how they treat their employees. If there is any sign of disrespect to people or the environment, then expect to see a loss of sales.

Society doesn’t want to watch our world fall apart. Activism is increasing as we realize how wars and poverty even far away affect our daily lives. The scope of the world is changing – we see the impact and we want to be a part of it.


Consumerism is still going strong, but there is a new movement against excessive materialism. Less is more – in all ways possible. A more simple and slower life is now what we desire. We are cutting back, downsizing and reserving more time for self-reflection. We will try to spend more time with friends and family and less time worrying. No, in 2016 the important things will not fall off the radar.


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