The Value of Education

There is an on-going debate over whether college is worth the investment. Does it really equal the size of a certain paycheck? The real issue is that a college degree is one of the greatest, if not the greatest determining factor in social mobility.

"Education" Button on Modern Computer Keyboard.

Education has accelerated in the 20th century and social mobility has climbed along with it. College education has driven economic success and social changes in the 1960’s and 70’s as well as producing technological marvels at an astounding pace.

Today, research universities have changed the type of people that they are producing for the workforce. Now, we are creating entirely new industries with these new ideas and technologies. Graduates enter the economy with a different type of knowledge to drive scientific discovery, technological invention and understand the fields that will guide us forward. With these cutting-edge ideas, products and processes, creativity and discovery are normal in our marketplace. This is not only boosting graduate’s personal success, but also the competitiveness to succeed at innovation.

If you take a broader look at the issue with your economics cap on, the post-industrial economy grew from a large group of college-educated thinkers and dreamers. The $18 trillion economy in the United States is not a result of improvements on the worlds of the past. This is the complete result of highly creative technology developments that alter who we are as species. We utilize biotechnology, nanotechnology and communications technology to produce unprecedented economic and social change.

Educational attainment drives class structure, medical outcomes, social welfare outcomes, children’s success and democratic participation. The education level is really even a predictor of life span. The benefits of higher education are incredibly larger for the economic win rather than the individual. Educational attainment has drastically changed how the world works, lives, mobilizes, communicates and survives.

The executive, pilot and surgeon have tools that they rely on and staff that they work with – all products of higher education. Not to mention that they rely on college graduates to manage their retirement funds, serve as pediatricians to their kids, inspect the food they eat and clean the water that they drink.

What do you think about college education? How necessary is it? What changes need to be made? There are countless arguments that can be stemmed from this topic so please tell me, which arguments matter most to you and your future?


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