How Donald Trump Is Running The Country Like a Business Person

When Donald Trump was inaugurated as the President of the United States, the country seemed divided in feedback and acceptance; however, there were a plethora of American citizens who were excited about the move. Not only has President Trump made great promises as the Leader of the United States, he has hopes, dreams and passion to make great change for the country.

President Trump is a Leader who will bring business acumen and a great deal of knowledge to the United States. As a successful businessperson, President Trump and his experience with the business community will help the USA in returning to one of success.

In addition, President Trump has already proven that he is and will continue to be quick to take action. He has already taken the very first step and ordered a freeze on all new regulations coming out of federal agencies. He has also promised to begin reviewing and potentially make sweeping changes to Obamacare, a major point of communication and policy promises while he was on the path to becoming President. Additionally, and perhaps the most popular change, he placed a bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office on his very first day on the job.

The sweeping changes already made in the first months of Presidency is unlike anything we have ever seen with past Presidents. With Presidents who have taken a seat in the oval office, it has taken months – if not years – to make policy changes and updates.

These changes are being made primarily because of President Trump’s vast experience in business and negotiation. As someone who has had a great deal of success in the business realm, President Trump is a confident individual who is keen to negotiate at the table of any leader within the Free World. It is clear that he has made these changes from the seat of a CEO, with a perspective that we have not seen from any other past sitting President.

As an individual who is successful in negotiation tactics, President Trump is certain to make great, sweeping changes in the USA over the next four years. It was time for a fresh perspective and a new change. While President Trump was met with uncertainty since November, the time since his inauguration has made the country feel positive and excited at the prospect of what is to come, especially when it comes to the future of the United States of America.


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