Why Uber Is Not Generating Employment – Contrary To What They Preach

It’s not a surprise that driverless cars will have a significant impact on employment rates, not only in the United States, but also throughout the world. Within the motor vehicle industry, there are hundreds of thousands of employees working within the sector – from manufacturing to driving services. In fact, almost 3% of working Americans are drivers of some sort, whether they are truck drivers or taxi drivers, bus drivers or in parcel delivery service.

Yes, it is true that driverless car technology is expected and predicted to reduce labor costs, fuel costs, and the overall rate of accidents, but it will also be a complete disaster for the entire driving and motor vehicle industry. Automation will have a significant impact on this business.

So, when Uber claims to be helping in generating employment through the addition of more drivers, we are looking at their offering from a very short-term and near sighted perspective. Yes, Uber has stated that they generated 1million jobs in 2015 alone, but what will happen when driverless cars and automation come into play?

This has already begun. Last year, Uber dispatched the first fleet of driverless vehicles in Pittsburgh; although they are currently being supervised by humans in the passenger seat. Just as is the case with Tesla and their driverless technology, driverless cars and trucks are already being released – and it’s happening sooner than most realize.

I have a significant issue with companies like Uber who claim and promote the idea of generating employment, when this is truly not their ultimate objective. In fact, the majority of Uber drivers are currently using their own vehicles to get passengers from point A to point B. This means that the company itself is making money – a great deal of it – off the backs of drivers. Uber drivers are using their own means of transportation with their own fuel at extremely competitive rates, to build Uber’s brand, a business that is very deceitfully trying to convince employees that they are focused on improving their lives and keeping them involved in the company long term.

It is time to open our eyes and be aware of the end goal of companies like Uber. Yes, the concept is simple and straightforward, and yes, the concept of automation in vehicles will be coming to us quicker than we might expect, but we need to be aware of the messages that Uber is spreading and make our own decisions and considerations before believing that the company is actually prioritizing the lives of its employees. Government needs to intervene in creating legislation to save these jobs; in certain sectors and for certain services we are simply better served by fellow humans.


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