The Future of Your Brain

Ray Kurzweil is the director of engineering at Google, focus on AI and language processing. However, he is also a brilliant futurist. He has made more correct predictions about the future than anyonedownload. With 147 documented predications that he has made since the 1990’s, 115 of those predictions have been correct – giving Kurzweil an accuracy of 86%.

So what is his latest prediction? Kurzweil said that, “In the 2030s, we are going to send nano-robots into the brain (via capillaries) that will provide full immersion virtual reality from within the nervous system and will connect our neo-cortex to the cloud. Just like how we can wirelessly expand the power of our smart phones 10,000-fold in the cloud today, we’ll be able to expand our neo-cortex in the cloud.”

That is only 15 years away. Plugging your brain into the internet? Upgrading your intelligence and capacity for memory by orders of magnitude? Let’s take a look at the implications of this possible future.

Human Intimacy

You will truly be able to know what your friend, spouse or child is feeling. There will be no more email, texting or phone calls, you will be sending your thoughts by simply thinking of them.

Know Anything & Everything

You will have access to the world’s information at the moment you want to know something new. You’ll be able to navigate intuitively, speak any language effortlessly, calculate a sales price including tax in seconds, anything.

Scale Up

You will be able to solve a problem as quickly as you can when you are in a bind. The computational power of your brain can be scaled up to 10 or 1,000 times when you demand it.

Virtual World

Your brain will be able to bypass sensory organs like the eyes and ears to the point that our perception of reality will be totally driven by a gaming engine. When you move your limbs, imagine an avatar of yourself moving in the virtual world. This is The Matrix.

Improved Immune System

Nano-robots will communicate and download software when a new pathogen arrives and attack it – cancer, bacteria, viruses, everything. They can also maintain healthy levels of everything you need and repair – even replace damaged organs.

Searchable Memories

You will be able to remember everything that ever happened to you and be able to search it. You will cross-reference with calendars, GPS coordinates, health data, stock market, weather and anything else that is relevant.

While this future seems wonderful, just remember that exponential technologies are deceptive first before they are disruptive.


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