How to Motivate Your Team

Success is built on motivation. Think about it, our best relationships are not with people who supply the best product, the most knowledgeable or even whom we have known for the longest. We actually have the strongest connections with people that share the same motivation and focus as us.

We have all hired “perfect” candidates, only to see that they aren’t as driven to work hard as the rest of your team. Sometimes you spend a long time looking for the right service provider and then are let down when the deal is closed. We even invest hours to help our loved ones, but are let down because they are reluctant to take action.


So why does this mismatch occur? I think that the problem is that humans love to conform. When someone asks us a question, we give them the answer that we want to hear. What we need to change is our ability to screen others more accurately by getting deeper – to find out what really motivates them.

Get the full picture – because sometimes we only see people the way that we want to see them out of our own desperation. We focus on what we want out of the relationship and concentrate our conversations in a limited area. However, humans are complex and there are multiple factors that play a part. Motivation can stem from families, financial situation, desire to fulfill a dream or just to prove someone wrong. We are all different and that is why you need to take the time to explore the possible areas of motivation for each person.

Actions speak louder than words – so when you ask people what motivates them, they might not have an answer. You are asking the wrong question. Ask them what their best memory is – an achievement, happy moment, inspirational time? This is a good starting point to see what exactly is most important to that person.

Get them to relax – adrenaline can get our hopes up to make a good impression, regardless of whether it meets our own essential needs. Truth comes out when their guard is put down and you can have a more transparent conversation. You don’t want to talk to their “game face,” you want to talk to them. Get there by making it recognizable that you’re putting down your guard as well.

Try this with each of your team members so you go into 2016 stronger than ever.


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